Drafting Contracts that Protect our Clients' Business Interests

Contracts are the foundation of every business transaction. The terms of a contract serve as a road map to each party's rights and responsibilities. The specific language used in the contract is critical to protecting the rights of the parties in the event of a dispute. Be sure that you seek the advice of an experienced business law attorney before you finalize any deal.

At Chock Barhoum LLP, we provide complete contract drafting and review services to clients throughout the Northwest. Representing clients ranging from independent construction companies to award-winning vineyards, we work tirelessly to secure terms that provide the greatest level of benefit and protection for their business needs.

Reliable Representation at every Stage

Our experience representing clients across a broad range of industries at all stages of the contract negotiation and execution process allows us to provide the timely and relevant representation you need. We work closely with you to understand your goals and work hard to provide you with a contract that places you in the most favorable possible position.

When we draft a contract, we include language and terms that provide the greatest level of protection for our clients. If another party has drafted the contract, we carefully review it and advise our clients of any terms that could leave them vulnerable in the future. When appropriate, we will attempt to negotiate new terms that support our clients' objectives.

Talk to a Lawyer about your Business Contract Needs

Contact our office in Portland, Oregon, to discuss your contract drafting and review needs with one of our attorneys. You can schedule an initial consultation by calling 503-223-3000 or sending us an email.