Comprehensive Representation in Noncompetition and Nonsolicitation Disputes

Noncompetition and nonsolicitation agreements are a standard part of the hiring process for many companies. Employers will seek to protect their business interests by having new hires sign agreements to preserve their rights to inventions developed by their employees as well as trade secrets, client lists and other proprietary information to which employees might have access in the course of doing their jobs.

When disputes over these agreements arise, employers and employees both have interests that needs to be protected. Early advice from the team at Chock Barhoum LLP is invaluable. Our attorneys represent clients on both sides of litigation involving noncompete and nonsolicitation agreements.

Diligently Pursuing a Result that Best Serves our Clients' Needs

We conduct thorough investigations into every case, working closely with our clients to understand the nature of the dispute and their expectations with regard to the outcome. We closely review the agreement and develop a customized strategy designed to produce the best available result.

Discuss your Dispute with one of our Attorneys

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