Protecting the Retail and Restaurant Industries

Chock Barhoum LLP is the premier retail and premises liability defense firm in the Northwest. We are trusted by the largest retailers and restaurant chains to defend their interests in Oregon and Washington against a wide variety of claims, including those involving slips-and-falls, falling products, structural collapse, defective products, false arrest, malicious prosecution, inadequate security and excessive force by security personnel.

We routinely defend national retail and restaurant chains, franchisees, property managers, commercial and residential property owners, churches, schools, day cares and a wide variety of local businesses.

Chock Barhoum LLP provides educational services to the insurance industry and other self-insured entities in the proper handling of premises liability cases. We are an active member of the National Retail and Restaurant Defense Association, and participate in committees dedicated to expanding education services to minimize loss.

Our lawyers have handled thousands of premises liability cases all over the Northwest, with an outstanding rate of success. Some of the largest companies in the world put their business needs in our hands for decades because of the outstanding results we deliver case after case, year after year.

Call Chock Barhoum LLP at 503-223-3000, or email us your questions. Trust us to protect your interests as we would protect our own.