Staunch Defense in Truck and Transportation Cases

Trucking companies and the insurance companies that insure them are frequent targets of a wide variety of lawsuits. With so many plaintiffs alleging negligence of so many kinds, trucking companies and insurance carriers need a law firm that is experienced in the unique and complex facets of truck and transportation vases.

Our trucking clients at Chock Barhoum LLP include both self-insured and self-administered companies. We also represent trucking companies through various insurers and third-party administrators.

Unmatched Depth of Experience

Our attorneys recognize that trucking cases require close scrutiny and a carefully detailed investigation. We have experience working with accident reconstruction experts, biomechanical engineers, electrical engineers, metallurgists, and experts on the various components and systems.

Our attorneys also have substantial experience in other areas of litigation that complement their trucking accident defense practice, including trial procedures, evidence and medical-related issues.

Our Portland, Oregon, insurance defense lawyers have the experience and the skills to successfully handle trucking clients' litigation needs.

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