What Defines a 'Successful Outcome' in Litigation?

Our attorneys have been successful for many years because we serve the client's bottom line. We sit down with our clients and learn about their business needs. We formulate a plan that achieves the best possible outcome for our client. If that means taking a case to trial, we have the skill, experience and intelligence to win.

We win at trial.

There are victories that can only be achieved via trial. By definition, negotiated settlements are compromises. When a case is critical to your business' success, it is necessary to fight for the outcome you need. We have tried hundreds of cases with a greater than 90 percent success rate. That is why our clients continue to choose us.

Why do large corporations from around the country turn to our lawyers for Oregon and Washington cases?

Chock Barhoum LLP brings the analytical firepower and the trial experience to protect businesses against wrongful suits. If insurance companies compromise in every case, they lose — because they are in the business of prudently managing shareholders' money.

It is the same with your business, right here in the Portland and Seattle area. Sometimes you have to fight for your interests. Charges of breach of contract or fraud can destroy the business you have built up.

So is litigation always the right path to take?

Of course not. However the other side in your dispute will take you a lot more seriously in negotiation, arbitration or mediation if you have Chock Barhoum LLP in your corner. Our attorneys have the experience and the capacity for out-of-the-box solutions other firms cannot match. We are as effective in alternative venues as we are in the courtroom.

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Which brings us back to expense

Our philosophy is that every case must be considered individually. When we take your case to trial, it is because litigation is the best business decision for you.

Tell us or email about your business and legal needs, including any potential litigation. We will devise a strategy that is best for you over the long haul.