Sarah Tuthill-Kveton recently completed a personal injury trial with an excellent result for the defense. The trial was in Snohomish County, Washington. Plaintiff and the defendant were involved in a front-end motor vehicle collision. Both vehicles sustained substantial damage and were deemed “totaled.” Our client, the defendant, was at fault for the collision and admitted that she was at fault for the collision. The only issue for the jury to decide was the amount of damages. Plaintiff presented his case arguing he was in tremendous pain because of the collision, which included a trip to the Emergency Department, multiple trips to medical providers and he presented evidence he had to take a lot of time off work. When plaintiff rested his case, Sarah moved for a directed verdict on plaintiff’s medical bills.  Sarah’s motion was granted, and plaintiff’s case took a huge hit.

Sarah was up next to present the defense. Defendant admitted that plaintiff was injured, and that part of his treatment was related. However, Sarah argued that plaintiff recovered quickly, completely and that the injuries were minimal. Therefore, she requested that the verdict reflect the limited nature of the injuries and compensate plaitniff accordingly. The jury did just that and agreed with Sarah’s assessment of the case, awarding only $7,563, a homerun for the defense.

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