The Resources of a Large Firm and the Heart of a Small One

The attorneys at Chock Barhoum LLP are top-of-the-line litigators with numerous awards and recognition for outstanding litigation and trial skills. Our attorneys win cases because we come prepared with a smart, creative plan that all but guarantees a successful outcome for our clients.

Our attorneys have litigated thousands of cases in the state and federal courts of Oregon and Washington. Many of our clients are large insurance carriers. Others are self-insured risk entities, construction companies and other businesses. We bring the skills appropriate to each client’s needs.

Perhaps most telling, many of our clients have repeatedly chosen to put their business needs in our capable hands time and time again. We have represented many of our clients for decades. The reason is simple. They want outcomes that are good for the company and good for the bottom line. We get that and we deliver.

Founding Partnership – A Team Approach

Litigators and partners Jay Chock and John Barhoum made the move from a large law firm in 2013 to focus on providing more cost-effective services to their clients. They quickly achieved this goal by hiring talented attorneys and staff who excel at providing efficient legal representation to clients, and by focusing on technological advances in litigation support, legal research and general office operations.
Sadly, Jay Chock passed away in 2019. He is greatly missed and will always be remembered.